Silent Outlooks
published in 2016 by Favre
23 x 31 cm, 144 pages
ISBN 978-2-8289-1520-9
Available at Favre, Heidiffusion, Payot, Fotofilmic or at your favorite book shop.take a look inside
Variations on a theme of absence
unpublished dummy, 2018
26 x 39 cm, 50 pages
Created during the ISSP 2018 International Summer School of Photography: Photobook as Object workshop by Yumi Goto & Jan Rosseel, this book is the result of how a one week workshop can evolve a initial architecture project into a more profound topic: depicting a fake, surreal, artificial Swiss society, the book combines uninhabited architectures with axonometric maps and fake objects. Bound with bolts, it gives a sense of heaviness and discomfort while reading, in relation with the content.take a look inside
Conduite forcée
unpublished dummy, 2011
24 x 30 cm, 84 pages
Gregory Collavini (b. 1988, Bern) is a Swiss-based documentary photographer and multimedia designer. He holds a degree in visual communication from the Lausanne University of Art and Design (ECAL) and regularly broadens his knowledge with various tuitions. His fields of competence are set in art direction, multimedia visual design, photo editing, layout, UX/UI and book making. Gregory’s photography works focus on human environments, traversing architecture, landscapes and urban planning. With a strong interest for human-centered experiences, he believes in rational and meaningful design. Usurping expected scenarios, challenging the everyday, he is fueled by an unending sense of curiosity.

Member of Visarte
Partner photographer of Keystone-SDA
2018  Photobook as Object workshop by Yumi Goto & Jan Rosseel, ISSP International Summer School of Photography
2017  Alison certificat in Digital Photography, Harvard University
2012  Bachelor of Arts in Visual communication Photography, University of Art and Design of Lausanne (ECAL)
2020  Laureate of the Subjectively Objective "Investigations In Infrastructure" call
Laureate of the FotoFilmic JRNL spring 2020 Issue 4
2019  Finalist at the Athens Photo Festival
Finalist at the COCA18 Prize
2018  Finalist at the Lenzburg Photo contest
Shortlisted at the FotoFilmic18 contest
2017  Finalist at the VFG swiss young talent award
2016  ProHelvetia Promotion of photobooks for Silent Outlooks
2014  Finalist at the VFG swiss young talent award
"Coup de coeur" at the Bienne Festival of Photography
2013  Selected artist in the OpenShow Switzerland #12 event
2012  Winner of the Swiss Cultural Heritage Award
2020  Coronarte, Fribourg Switzerland
2019  Novartis ARA STEIH ending ceremony, Basel Switzerland
2018  Silent Outlooks photobook exhibition, Athens Photo Festival, Athens Greece
Hinterland part 2: blood as a rover group exhibition, Zurich
Lenzburg Photo contest finalists outdoor exhibition, Lenzburg Switzerland
2017  Silent Outlooks photobook exhibition, Arles Photo Festival, Arles France
Variations on a theme of absence, Fribourg Switzerland
2016  Silent Outlooks book vernissage at the Ancienne Gare, Fribourg Switzerland
Piemeffe opening at the previous Ilford factory, Marly Innovation Center (MIC) Switzerland
2015  L'Imprévisible magazine opening, Réchy Switzerland
Solo exhibition at Forme+Confort, Fribourg Switzerland
"Of People and Places" at the Oxford House Gallery, London
Slideshow projection at the Circulations festival, Paris
Slideshow projection at Le Voyage à Nantes, Nantes France
2014  Bienne festival of photography, Bienne Switzerland
2013  Solo exhibition at the Ancienne Gare, Fribourg Switzerland
2012  Swiss Cultural Heritage Award exhibition at the Antiquarians Art Fair, Lausanne Switzerland
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