Silent Outlooks the book is out!
Available at Favre, Heidiffusion, Payot or at your favorite library.
In the newspaper 24 heures about my new book Silent Outlooks
December 17, 2016
In the newspaper La Gruyère about my new book Silent Outlooks
December 17, 2016
Radio interview Vertigo RTS la 1ère
October 11, 2016
Very glad to have had been interviewed by Pierre Philippe Cadert about my new book Silent Outlooks.
October 24, 2016
Silent Outlooks is published during a whole week (one picture per day) in the Foto-Tableau of the NZZ newspaper based in Zurich, Switzerland.
Vernissage of the book Silent Outlooks
October 6, 2016
At the Café culturel de l'Ancienne Gare in Fribourg, Switzerland.
In the newspaper La Liberté about my new book Silent Outlooks
October 4, 2016
Vernissage of the magazine L'Imprévisible
October 29, 2015
I have the great honor to have my portfolio Silent Outlooks published in the first L'Imprévisible magazine. Even the newspaper Le Nouvelliste talks about it.
Slideshow projection in Paris
Summer 2015
Silent Outlooks will be projected at the Circulations festival of young european photography in Paris.
Slideshow projection in Nantes
Summer 2015
Silent Outlooks will be projected at Le Voyage à Nantes art festival in Nantes, France.
In the newspapers Le Temps and Le Matin Dimanche
August 29, 2014
Silent Outlooks will be exhibited at the Bienne festival of photography from the 23th of August to the 14th of September.
In the newspapers La Liberté
September 19, 2013
Come take a look at the first solo exhibition of my work Silent Outlooks from the 11th to the 27th of September at the Café culturel de l'Ancienne Gare in Fribourg, Switzerland.
Hello! My name is Gregory Collavini and I'm a photographer from Fribourg, Switzerland.
I find romance in rough landscape constructions, which probably comes of my Italian and German descents. I like spaces. They give me emotions. I also like to match opposites and create ambiguity. Therefore my goal is to question our modern society through landscape management and architecture photography.
2016  ProHelvetia Promotion of photobooks for Silent Outlooks
2014  Finalist at the 18th vfg association of creative photographers contest
"Coup de coeur" at the Bienne Festival of Photography
2013  Selected artist in the OpenShow Switzerland #12 event
2012  Winner of the Swiss Cultural Heritage Award (Prix d'encouragement au Patrimoine culturel)
2016  Silent Outlooks book opening at the Ancienne Gare Café, Fribourg Switzerland
Piemeffe opening at the previous Ilford factory, Marly Innovation Center (MIC) Switzerland
2015  L'Imprévisible magazine opening, Réchy Switzerland
Solo exhibition at Forme+Confort, Fribourg Switzerland
"Of People and Places" at the Oxford House Gallery, London
2014  Bienne festival of photography, Switzerland
2013  Solo exhibition at the Ancienne Gare Café, Fribourg
2012  Swiss Cultural Heritage Award exhibition at the Antiquarians Art Fair, Lausanne
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